Rachel Profile Thumb


9 days ago

I love living here! I utilize the lazy river, the gym, and the study space often. However, there is not enough visitor parking, so my visitors often get towed.

Rylee Profile Thumb


11 days ago

Lived here for two years and it was an overall good college apartment. It had a great and convenient location. There were some issues as it was a brand new apartment. I would recommend living here to social individuals.

Lance Profile Thumb


13 days ago

Overall I great experience living here this past semester. Management and repairs took too long to respond with some cases, especially when our sink was broken for 3 weeks. But nice house, pool, views and being close to the stadium was a big plus. Can’t wait to keep living here!

Caroline Profile Thumb


14 days ago

wonderful place is live at. people here are nice and it is a fun place to be. love the amenities and the pool is so much fun when it is warm out.

Mary Profile Thumb


22 days ago

From the PARENT of a resident, please increase security patrol past 3:30am every night. Also, the security needs to patrol the grounds, not sit in their car in the front of the complex on their phone until they leave, I have witnessed this on many occasions. Also, in light of the ring cam videos of a suspicious person with a mask on outside building A this week, I think it would be great if the entrances are all repaired so we have the security that we pay for. I believe the front gate by Apt D has been broken now for almost 9 months. I walk in every single time with no access key. I was there for a week in June and honestly did not feel safe. Just looking out for the safety of my child, and everyone else's children that live there. Thank you

Avery Profile Thumb


26 days ago

my favorite place to live! i love living with all of my friends and right near the stadium. the pool is also awesome to have especially on a nice day

Sofea Profile Thumb


30 days ago

I enjoy living at the Row! some service issues within the apartment but the maintenance staff is very helpful. Gates are always broken though

Hannah Profile Thumb


1 month ago

Pretty good other than people not picking up after themselves and things are a little expensive like the keys and decals. Other than that good experience